Course Related

Will we get a certificate ?


Offline & Online, all our courses are certified & you will receive it in the end of the course when you submit your projects.

Can we get a Demo of the course?

All videos uploaded on Youtube & Masterclass on this channel is a Demo to how we teach.

What will be the duration of the course & when will it start?

All details are updated in our course details section.

Will the language of the course be in HINDI?

It will be completely taught in HINDI.

Do we need a Camera & Which camera, lens to buy?

The first month of the course you don’t need a camera.But from the second month you will require it.
Which & What to buy will be discussed in the class.


Is online class up to the mark?Will we be able to learn well from it as we can from offline class?

You will be able to learn it from the online class as the there are twice weekly live sessions which will be able to give upfront knowledge the way we do it in offline class.

Will stay & accommodation be provided for Offline course?

It will be provided but the costing of which is separate and connect on 9320052169

Whom should we connect for further enquiry?

Can call on 9320052169

What if we miss out on an online live session?

You can watch our prerecorded tutorials and ask if there’s any doubt on Whatsapp.

What if we miss an offline lecture?

You do have a chance to learn Online!

How long will we have access to Online Pre Recorded Tutorials?

For a WEEK you will have access to the online class.

What if gradually we are not comfortable with online class?

Can shift to offline class but after some payment & registration procedure.

Do we need Wifi Connectivity for Online Class?

Yes this is a live session so weekly twice has to arrange a good signal WIFI connection.

Who will be taking lectures?

Mansi Thakkar,Youtube Speaker for Indian Photography Educators will be teaching.

Where are you guys located?

Kandivali,Mumbai,India is our Location.
Details are mentioned in our contacts page.


Will still have questions whom should we connect?

Can connect on 9320052169


What will be the mode of payment?

Bank Transfer / Neft

Will we get a receipt of the transfer made ?


A mail will be sent to you.

Whom can we contact for payment related work?

You can connect on 9320052169 for all details.

When do we have to make the payment?

In order to book your seat can make the payment once the course date launches.

Is there any EMI option available?

You can make Part payments but all the payments needs to be done before the course starts.

How can we register/What is the registration process?

You have two options:

  1. Can add the course to Cart on the website details below & you will receive a mail.
  2. Can transfer the amount by contacting 9320052169 and get your seat confirmed.